Why You Should Retrofit Your School with Better Lighting

Light the Way to Success

Research shows artificial lighting can have a negative impact on those in schools compared to natural lighting. Not only does natural light in the classroom boost the morale of teachers and students, but proper lighting can also have numerous positive impacts on productivity. It may also create a more effective learning environment leading to improved test scores, enhanced learning, and increased student productivity overall. Lighting upgrades drastically cut energy and maintenance costs, saving money in the long run. In fact, a lighting upgrade can reduce a facility’s energy use by up to 50 percent. And since lighting is the largest single use of electricity in commercial buildings, saving energy on lighting is crucial.

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Explore J&J Electronics’ residential and commercial lighting solutions.

J&J ResidentialJ&J Residential
J&J Residential

Create a custom, illuminated paradise in your own backyard and change your lighting to fit your mood.

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J&J Commercial

Illuminate your pool with the brightest and best value commercial grade LEDs in the industry.

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We Have A Solution Built Just For You

Check out Halco’s residential and industrial lighting solutions. 

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Halco Home

Looking to upgrade your home lighting? Halco’s got you covered!

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Halco Industrial

Halco is here to handle any industrial lighting project. From wallpacks, to vaportights, to highbays, Halco has the perfect solution for your industrial space.