Line Voltage PIR Motion Control Sensor (0-10V dimming) LSXR 610 HL

Motion Sensor
Product ID: 99986
Product Code: LHB/MC
  • Passive Infrared Detection (PIR)
  • Digital push button programming
  • No field calibration or sensitivity adjustments required
  • Green LED indicator
  • Default 10 minute occupancy time delay
  • Line Voltage
  • Suitable for 15ft-45ft ceiling height
  • Reference LSXR 610 HL on Spec Sheet
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Product Description

Comparison of Halco's two Sensors: The 30291 Sensor is a low voltage DC operated motion sensor. This sensor has the ability to be programmed either as passive infrared or microwave triggered. It is powered by your 12VDC Aux on the driver as well as controlling the 0-10VDC leads in the unit. All programmable from the ground with the remote. In comparison, the Halco 99986 LSXR motion sensor is a line voltage motion sensor. This functions similarly to the motion sensor wall switches you are accustomed to. This unit only functions as a passive infrared unit and is programmed by a pushbutton on install. There is no remote to program from the ground. If you are looking for the most flexible unit for an unknown environment, the 30291 is a great sensor due to its adaptability. If you are in a known environment and want a unit that is more of a "fire and forget" sensor, the 99986 is a great option.
Product Detail
  • Brand Halco
  • Manufacturer Halco Lighting Technologies
  • Market Commercial, Industrial
  • Shape
  • Technology LED
  • UPC 807154999866
Packaging, Weights & Dimensions
  • Master Carton Size 100
  • Sold in Multiples of 1
  • Inner Package Size 1
  • Weight per Item 0.015
  • Energy Star Certified No