Create Your Ideal Bathroom

The Place You Start and End Your Day

Your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. And where do you start your morning? In your bathroom! It’s a space that needs to shift from functional to calming in a short span of time, which can be done with the right lighting. We recommend using wet-rated downlights above the shower or tub along with cooler color temperatures to mimic natural light.

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Explore Sollos’ residential and commercial lighting solutions.

Sollos ResidentialSollos Residential
Sollos Residential

Landscape lighting enhances gardens, landscapes, and outdoor spaces while providing safety and security. Explore Sollos’ extensive line of landscape lighting lamps and fixtures to find what you need to bring life to the outside of your home.

Sollos CommercialSollos Commercial
Sollos Commercial

Use our lights to illuminate the way to your hotel or set the mood of your restaurant’s patio with our color-changing lamps. Landscape lighting adds personality, enhanced security, and ambience to any outdoor space.

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We Have A Solution Built Just For You

Check out Halco’s residential and commercial lighting solutions.

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Halco Home

Looking to upgrade the lighting in your home? Halco’s got you covered!

Halco CommercialHalco Commercial
Halco Commercial

Halco is here to handle all your commercial lighting needs. From panels, to downlights, to floodlights, Halco has the perfect solution for your commercial space.